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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wedding Season

This weekend began the start of summer weddings. Our friends, Josh & Taryn got married on Saturday here in Wilmington. Next weekend is Jess & Luke, then WCA graduation, then another cousin wedding - Matthew & Rachel, etc. . .
ANYWAYS, I set up & decorated for Josh & Taryn's reception. It was so much fun. The location is gorgeous; it's right on the river. The florist did most of the work. She decorated the banister inside the room and did 5+ floral arrangements.
Their reception was downtown at The Coastline Convention Center.

Congratulations Josh & Taryn!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Senior Trip to NYC

Last week Jake went to NYC with the WCA Seniors. Jake is one of the Senior class advisors. Originally, I was going to go too, but due the family wedding next weekend, we decided it was best that I stay home and work. I missed Jake LOTS, but he had a great time (and I am SoOoO glad he is back home). Here are a few highlights from the trip:
NY Yankees game in the brand new stadium.
Many, many subway rides (Jake has some funny stories about the subway rides).
Seeing Jerry Seinfeld & Joe Namath at a fundraiser on Ellis Island.
The Statue of Liberty. They also went to see the Today Show, Central Park, Broadway and saw Phantom of the Opera, and Times Square. You can see more pictures from Jake's week on Facebook.

Another highlight was Jake stopping a robbery on Monday night! Here is the story:
Jake & the seniors arrived safely in NYC Monday around 7pm. They took the Amtrak from Raleigh. Jake said that they got in at Penn Station & had to walk ONE block to the subway station. They were taking the subway to their hotel in Brooklyn. Anyway, in that ONE block walk Jake stopped a robbery! Jake said that there were vendors set up selling bags, etc. Jake saw a guy walk buy a vendors stand (the vendor was not paying attention) and steal a bag. The "bad" guy was walking toward Jake quickly. He was already 10 feet away form the vendor. Jake took the bag from the guy & gave it back to the vendor. Apparently the "bad" guy told Jake that he was friends with the vendor & wasn't stealing it. This all took place in about 10 seconds.
Jake was in the back of the group so none of the seniors saw it. They all thought that he was lying when he told them. Now the seniors think he is a superhero (psssst-so do I)!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

girl's night out

Tuesday night we had a girl's night out celebrating the arrival of Reiley Dawn, to my cousin Adam & his wife, Chrissy. Reiley was born on April 27, 2009.
We met at Sweet & Savory for supper.
There were 14 ladies total.
Chrissy got some really cute gifts.
Congrats to Adam & Chrissy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Strawberry Pickin'

Tonight after work, Jake & I met our friends, Adam & Anna, at Lewis Farms to pick strawberries. They also have aMaZiNg ice cream at Lewis Farms! We may try to go back in a few weeks to pick blueberries (and eat ice cream).
This was Jake's first time pickin' strawberries.

Adam, Anna, & Jake lookin' for some good ones.

Strawberry pickin' isn't complete without a little eating.
This strawberry was HUGE!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day


Happy Mother's Day to our Mom's. We love you both so much. Thank you for being such godly examples for us both. Come visit us soon!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Purging & Organizing

Last night, Jake (of HIS own free will) asked me to help him weed out clothes in his closet. I exstatically said YES! Jake still had clothes from PCC (college & masters) which has been 3+ years ago. These clothes included polyester suit coats & full suits, jackets & MANY ties. Jake told me to go through his ties & pick out 10 of the ugliest to donate to the thrift store.
These are the ten ties i picked, in a pile, on the floor.
This is Jake begging & bartering (while we were both laughing hysterically) to keep a few of the ties that I had picked to donate. He told me to carefully count ("since God is watching") to make sure that i didn't have more than 10. I counted & i only had 9 - sweet i can pick one more!
The finished product. All his ties organized, by color, in a shoe box. This shoe box was exploding prior to Friday night.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Junior-Senior Outing

This past Saturday was the Junior-Senior Outing. Every year the outing varies by whatever the Junior class decides to plan for the Senior class. This year was a PIRATE theme & the outing was at Fort Caswell. We left WCA at 10am on Saturday. Jake is one of the Senior advisors.

The SENIORS getting "ready" on the ride down. They were all given pirate bandanas, an eye patch & an earring to wear. Some of the guys decided to borrow eyeliner to get the Jack Sparrow look.

The Juniors had been preparing all morning. As soon as we arrived, the games began. The games were about the life of a pirate. The highlight of the day was the PIRATE MALAY. It was complete with red paint & flour bombs.

The aftermath of the Malay. Some got it worse than others.

Mr. Phillips, the high school principal, participated & got it GOOD (as evidenced in the above picture)!

The Juniors & Seniors