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Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's play date + party

We decided to host a Valentine's play date + party.
It was a fun morning with friends.

A few Valentine's decorations.....

I let the mom's know that I would have paper & craft supplies to make Valentine's.

We also had a snack to share.

The girls "helped" me make their valentine's to hand out - heart shaped sugar cookies!

I think everyone had a fun time. 

I meant to take a picture of all the kids, but of course, I forgot. My camera stayed on top of the fridge until 2 families had already headed home.
Thanks for coming over today, friends!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Before & After - DRESSER

A few days after Christmas, we headed to some of our favorite thrift stores. We had some things on our list that we were looking for, and I had some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket. Well, we ended up hitting the thrift store jackpot!  

I had been wanting a kids table & chairs to put in my office at work.  This way the girls would have somewhere to sit & color or play. Our first stop was Salvation Army & we found the perfect table & 2 chairs for $29.95. I had been looking for months!

Our next stop was ReStore. There we found 2 night stands for $25 each (they will eventually go in our master bedroom) and a dresser. I had previously spied this same dresser at the other ReStore on the other side of town.  There it was marked $175.  No way could I justify spending that much on a dresser that needed some work.  The dresser was clearanced to $25 - SOLD!  I was so excited as we drove our full truck, of great deals & projects, home. 

After some wood filler was applied, rough sanding, painting (2 coats), antiquing & waxing the dresser is finished!

The dresser is currently in our laundry room.  The laundry room is in the back addition that was the salon.  We have an exterior brick wall in there and I love how the dresser contrasts the brick.

A few of my sewing things.

While we were doing a few updates in the laundry room, I asked Jake to spray paint the two standard grey electrical boxes black - much better.

I snagged this butcher paper dispenser this summer at a yard sale for just a few dollars.

The antique hardware alone was worth $25!

Eventually this dresser will go in the girls' room once they share our current room. We just have to remodel our master bedroom & bath before that can happen!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Before & After - PATIO

This is a picture of our covered patio before we moved in.  As I have posted about before (& before). we are in the process of redoing the whole exterior of the house.

We are hoping to turn this into a screen in porch this summer. This weekend Jake decided to tackle the pallet wall in the patio.  It turned out BEAUTIFUL! This will tie in with our pallet ceiling on our front porch.

A dart board I have had for years....looks great out here.

New lighting.  The best part is that they were $5 each at Lowe's.

New paint on the doors.

Oh....and while paint was drying on the doors, Jake decided to whip up this beauty.  It is going to hold our dvd player in the playroom. 

I have another project that I finished this weekend.  Stay tuned!

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